James Wood at Bunnings Car Park

Bunnings Car Park

Woody Shares

I recently went to Bunnings, I mean who doesn’t love a trip to Bunnings?…..

I parked in a wheelchair space & got out of the car. I then looked around for a ramp that would allow me to get up onto the footpath & make my way into the store. There was NO RAMP!

I then had to push my wheelchair down the road behind a row of cars that were parked. Now I’m only 4 feet high sitting in my chair & even if one of these cars had looked in their rear vision mirror the chance of them seeing me was slim & they could have easily backed into me! I made it to the store but then I went to the front desk & asked if I could speak to the manager. The manager came out & I explained to him that there was no ramp to get up onto the footpath & that it was quite dangerous. He thanked me for raising it with him but then he said to me “This store has been here for more than 5 years & you are the first person that has said anything to me about it.” He said he would get something done about it & I thanked him & then went & bought stuff that I didn’t really need but I thought it was a bargain!

By the time I came back to my car the manager was there & he had witches hats at the entrance to the wheelchair spots & some paint ready to paint over the wheelchair symbols on the ground. He explained that he wanted to do this straight away until he could arrange to get a ramp onto the footpath arranged or relocate these two wheelchair spots!

Now if I had not said anything……?

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