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As the end of the financial year approaches in Australia, businesses must make the most of their budgets. What better way to do that than by working towards creating a safer and healthier workplace? When you book a CNB Safety speaker session, a team member who has experienced the consequences of a workplace incident can offer a powerful reminder of the importance of safety in the workplace. 

1. Gain Real Insights and Create a Lasting Impact

CNB sessions provide a unique opportunity for businesses to hear first-hand accounts of workplace incidents and their far-reaching effects. Our speakers, survivors or family members affected by accidents, share their stories, emotions, and lessons learned. By exposing your employees and management team to these powerful narratives, you can cultivate a deeper understanding of the potential consequences of negligence and complacency in the workplace. These real insights create a lasting impact that resonates with your workforce long after the session ends.

2. Reinforce Safety Culture and Motivate Employees

We know everybody is under pressure as EOFY approaches and timelines get tighter, stopping to remind everybody about safety is critical.  Booking a safety speaker session sends a clear message to your employees that their well-being is a top priority. You’ll be able to demonstrate your commitment to fostering a strong safety culture within your organisation. The emotional connections established through our speaker’s narrative help motivate your team to embrace safety practices, adhere to protocols, and look out for one another. When employees feel valued and supported, they become active participants in creating a safer work environment.

3. Maximise Your Budget and Meet Objectives

As the end of the financial year looms, it can be a timely opportunity to utilise any remaining budget effectively. Booking a safety speaker session allows you to optimise any available funds while directly contributing to your workplace health and safety objectives. By acting now and securing a session before June 30, 2023, you maximise your budget allocation and provide your organisation with valuable first-hand insights. 

4. Encourage Employee Engagement and Participation

Our sessions are not passive events but interactive experiences. They offer opportunities for employees to ask questions, share their experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions surrounding workplace safety. These sessions foster a sense of community, encourage open communication, and actively empower your employees to promote safety initiatives. Encouraging participation creates a sense of ownership and a collective commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Don’t let your unused budget go to waste as the financial year comes to a close – instead, make a lasting impact on your organisation’s safety culture while maximising any remaining spend. Together, let’s embrace safety as a shared responsibility and strive for a workplace that prioritises the well-being of its employees.

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