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Bittersweet Memories

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As our family nears yet another anniversary where our son and brother Alex was taken from us

the anxiety starts to creep in for me, Xmas, what would have been his 27th birthday and 4th year anniversary all within 4 weeks of each other.

It hurts and it becomes a bit of a blur as I try to find ways to get through each occasion.


It will always be a struggle, particularly at this time of the year.

BUT we reached a goal recently and for our family it’s bittersweet.


You see, Alex was into drag racing his beloved Nissan 200SX at Adelaide International Raceway.

Sadly, he only got to race once, but I love the fact that I was able to witness it.

It’s a memory I hold close to my heart, I can still see the smile on his face from the sheer thrill!!

So his car has finally returned home, something we all hoped would eventuate one day.

Something we all worked hard to make happen along with a lot of negotiation.

A car that will be restored to its former glory and handed over to his big brother as that’s what Alex would have wanted.

The feeling that day when it drove up the road, gave way to many tears and hugs along with some celebratory drinks that night.

In a sense it was like bringing our little boy home again, we had part of him back.

I guess what I want our readers to realise is this….Life for our family , almost 4 years on has been a continual battle.

We are always having to deal with one thing or another which are a consequence of losing our beautiful Alex.

It doesn’t get easier!!!

But these days when I drive into the garage, there is my sons car alongside mine and it gives me temporary happiness.

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