Bike ride to Fight Kids Cancer

COVID-19 has thrown me and many others some challenges over the last few months. One of them has been to stimulate me mentally and physically.

So in September I was sent an advertisement for The Great Cycle Challenge, a bike ride to raise funds and fight kids cancer.

So I asked Vanessa if she wanted to do it and we also roped in our niece who has just turned 13. You can set your own challenge for the distance you ride and the amount you want to raise. So we set ourselves a goal of riding 400km and raising $1000.

Happy to report that we have exceeded both.

But it’s not too late if you would like to support us, it’s for a great cause and it will make me feel better.

Here’s a link…

But it’s worth mentioning that it has helped us too, the fact that we have a goal to achieve has motivated us to ride more than we normally would and stimulated our interest in doing something for others….. So stay tuned for the next challenge!

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