Behind the Scenes – Filming the James Wood Story

I started sharing my story at workplaces in the late 90’s. I’d been doing it for a while and people kept asking me “Do you have your message on a Video, DVD or CD?”

I had a think about it and spoke to a couple of people about it and eventually I decided to get it done.

I engaged a production company and told them my idea of how it should end up, we set some dates and a few weeks later a truckload of people and equipment turned up at my place early one morning.

It was my first experience with filming anything, let alone my own story so to say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I had makeup, lighting, sound, directors telling me what to do….. It was exhausting.

Three full days of takes and retakes they packed up their truck and disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

A month or so passed and they called and said they’d like to show me what they have produced, so a time was organised.

I have to say the first time I watched what they had made I felt like I was watching someone else’s story! There was music, slow motion, action….. (Seriously)

I’m happy to report that the end product is both entertaining and educating, it’s certainly something that I would have liked to watch when I was doing an induction or a training day.

So my first experience with filming worked out well for me, I’m not sure I could do this for a living? But if it gets a safety message through to one person then it’s been worth it.


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