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Most of us have special days, our birthdays, the day we got married (or divorced), our kids birthdays, Grand Final day, Bathurst……

And many more days that we celebrate, enjoy, laugh and usually have a good time.

I’ve got an anniversary that I don’t enjoy and it’s that day that I got hurt at work.

It was the 23rd September at exactly 8.55am.

Each year when this date approaches I get a little reflective. In the past I have done different things on this date, I’ve shut myself in and done nothing, I’ve taken off up the bush with my dog, I’ve got drunk, I’ve tried to sleep through it.
I suppose the point I’m trying to make here is that when someone has a serious injury or gets killed it is something that stays with you and the people around you for the rest of their lives.

This year was a tough one for me. My daughter’s birthday is on the 22nd September! So I was trying to make sure that she had a great day and all of her friends and the parents we know had an enjoyable time at her party….. Knowing that the anniversary of my accident was just around the corner!
Don’t get me wrong here….. We got through it, I’ve got some great people around me that support me. My wife knows that this day is a significant day for me and allows me to do what I need to on this day.

But I sometimes wonder how others deal with these types of days?

If you have a day that you don’t like to celebrate let me know some of the things you do to get through it?….. woody@cnbsafe.com.au

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