Normally we associate anniversaries with happy events, a wedding, a graduation, a milestone etc. But we also have not so happy anniversaries….. The anniversary of someone getting hurt or killed.

Recently I reached an anniversary that I didn’t celebrate. The 23rd of September is a date that I will never forget. It’s the day that I broke my back and severely crushed my spinal cord.

As time passes you’d think that it would not mean as much or be a significant day in my year, but in actual fact the longer it goes since my injury the worse it gets. This year I found myself reflecting on the “What if it hadn’t happened” or “If only I could still walk”.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been able to live my life since I got hurt, sure there are many things that I can’t do but all in all I’ve got back on track.

But I can’t help but think about the missed opportunities, unfulfilled dreams and generally where I’d be now if my accident had not happened.

So I just want to ask you all to think about how getting hurt would change your life. The physical, mental, lifestyle, career, family, relationship changes that an injury or fatality would bring to not just you but to many other people around you.

Stay safe people….. It doesn’t get any easier.


23rd September 2018

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