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Michelle Shares….Accidents can Happen!

As recent as last week, I was involved in a minor accident which could have been a whole lot worse.
A visit to the podiatrist of all places to see why one of my feet was giving me so much trouble,
Walking barefoot on a treadmill and then asked to move over to a bench seat for assessment
The slippery floor saw my feet go out from under me and my knee hit a metal object which cut my knee just short of the tendon.
Three stitches later, a leg splint to restrict bending and not able to do very much at all.
But little did I know that what was about to happen nor could it have been at all predictable

I am sharing this because it shows how very easily that ‘ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN’
On the Safety side of the coin, I was really pleased to see the practice following through with their known processes.
I was made comfortable, a  second opinion on my injury was requested by one of the more senior practice colleagues. An incident report was completed by myself and the 2 witnesses.
My wound was treated and bandaged sufficiently to then allow me to seek suitable medical advise.
The Practice Manager contacted me the same evening and again the following day to see how I was travelling AND I was suitably impressed to hear him also ask if in my opinion there is anything they need to change to prevent this from happening to another client.

I have to say, congratulations on a job well done to a small business that had processes in place and followed them through to secure my wellbeing.

For our readers, if this were you, how could this have been avoided?
I’d love to hear your responses or comments…..feedback@cnbsafe.com.au



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