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Ok so I want you to think about this for a second. You have a car that you want, so you save, or borrow the money so you can afford it. You have worked hard and want to enjoy the feeling of having something to show for the work that you do. You finally can afford it or you somehow find the exact model you want and make arrangements to buy it.

You travel to the owners house and when he opens the garage you see it and it looks better in real life than it did in the pictures that you have seen
You look over it, under the bonnet, in the boot, it is everything you have wanted for a long time so you ask if you can take it for a test drive….. And the owner says “Yes”

But then you have to say to him “You will have to drive it for me mate because it does not have Hand Controls fitted”

That’s a true story….. Recently I bought a second hand car and I had to ask the owner to take me for a drive in it because I could not drive it.

Every time I buy a new car I have to get Hand Controls fitted. It costs between $1500 to $3000 to get a set of controls fitted to my car and I usually have to book it in a couple of weeks in advance.

Think about that for a second, You and I could go out tomorrow and buy identical new cars, But I’d have to then fork out an extra $3K and wait a couple of weeks before I could drive mine!

Life in a wheelchair Sucks sometimes!

james wood,
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