Alan Newey

12 Months Ago… & Now by Alan Newey

After years of training and the advancement of bionics, I can now do something I thought was gone forever on  News Years Day in 2018. (Have a beer with my right arm)
Happy Days..

One year on…..Sharing safety presentations around Australia and we forget to look after ourselves. 
Not being home and travelling meant I did not wear the arm enough causing a crystal breakdown. 

(Crystal breakdown – The crystal holds the signal to talk to the software training program on the computer. We had to charge and drain the arm over 10 days to regenerate the crystal and signal. Not always possible when travelling so much.)

So to all out there… do everything you can to keep others safe but don’t forget to look after yourself as well.

A unhealthy YOU means we affect our families again. I don’t know if I could cope with that again.

Alan Newey, amputation, dont hurt yourself, safety, stay safe
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