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    Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 2:47 am Post a comment

    I have been doing some work with Caterpillar Australia over the last few years. They put a lot of apprentices on each year and they ask me to speak to their apprentices and try to get them to realise that if they get hurt it will change their lives.

    Now Caterpillar have the resources to train their own apprentices and I must say they do a great job. But it made me think about smaller workplaces that provide apprenticeships and how much training they can provide especially safety training.

    I also would like to hear from any of you that have apprentices through a Group Training organisation or an RTO and let me know how much safety training they provide?

    But I believe that regardless of the size of the business, or if the training is provided by the employer or a training group it must be the right type of training!

    Our kids these days are exposed to much more than I ever was at their ageā€¦.. And I believe that their perception of risk is a lot higher that mine was. I mean they can play video games that run people over, They can crash a car (on a game) and push the reset button and everything is fixed. How do we teach them that if you get hurt sometimes there is no reset button?

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