CNB Safe


Paul Burns – Manager Rail Infrastructure Maintenance, DEPT of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure South Australia

James story is very powerful and he speaks openly and honestly about his bad choice resulting in a life long sentence. Bloody Brilliant.

Lisa Foster – Health Safety & Training, Glencore Bulga Underground

Thank you James for speaking at our recent Safety Summit, our day was all about “Who are you Safe for?” Your Choices talk hit all the right notes and you had our attendees captivated. They appreciated your “Down to Earth” nature and your candour in speaking about your very personal experience.

Jim Batey, HST Manager - Glencore​ Bulga Underground Operations

This is the second time I have utilised James Wood to speak at a Safety Day and he has not let us down, with his emotive talks indicating the choices he had and what the choices each and every one of the audience will have in the future and who may be affected. Highly skilled and pulled at the heart-strings of the audience.

Stephen Pelchen, Langdon Building

Michelle’s story was direct, relevant and brought a few tears to the group. Michelle’s story fitted our target audience perfectly, it showed the ripple effect of such a tragedy. Courageously presented, well articulated and deeply personal.

Dan Crompton – Site Manager, Orrcon Steel

Presentation by James was exactly what our site needed. His story further reinforced the importance of always ensuring you make the right decision or choice whether at work or home.  Exciting to see many of the team engaged throughout the discussion and absorbing James story.

Wayne Rolph – Solar Farms, Solar Farms

I thought he was brave to share such a personal account of his accident, and the impact that it had on him and life, especially his private life.

Wayne Rolph – Senior Project Manager – Solar Farms
Bouygues Construction Australia

Alison Leighton, COO - Mornington Peninsula Shire

James possesses a rare skill in that he relates to his audience in a frank, honest and direct manner.

Russell Page, BWC Deputy Program Manager - Lockheed Martin

Rohan has experienced a major trauma in his life. He was able to clearly articulate the contributing factors that led to his accident and to keep his audience enthralled with the personal challenges of dealing with the impact on his life after the accident. Rohan is an excellent speaker and provides realism to the safety training that we all undergo.

Jaclyn Gow, Construction Manager - Lendlease

I’d like to thank you again James for coming to site and sharing your story with our workforce. I counted it up and your story reached over 310 staff on site! I got excellent feedback from people who attended you speech, even from those reluctant attendees who were a bit unsure if it would be of any interest to them, even they were impressed with your story.

I can never get the same level of attention in our site induction and toolboxes as you were able to get during your talks. I was very pleased to see how engaged the people were who attended your safety talk, and how many guys wanted to shake your hand afterwards and have a chat with you. You are an excellent public speaker, and speak very well to the site staff as you are authentic in your approach and speak to them on the same level. The story really hits home and I like how you break it up with a few lighter anecdotes.

Thank you for your openness, honesty and willingness to share a story of a profound event in your life, that I can imagine would have been extremely challenging over the years, in the hope of preventing someone on our site from experiencing a similar workplace accident.

Brogue Rinebarger, Tunnel Safety Manager - WestConnex M4 East

James dilvers a personal message that is loud and clear no matter what your role or trade is.  His message to take the time to stop and think about the simple choicecs we make day to day has the power to prevent life changing injuries from occurring both at work and outside it.

Kym Saunders, Compliance Manager - Downer Bombardier

Anton, like all the CNBSafe Speakers gave a very real and touching account of how his workplace injury changed not only his life but that of his loved ones.

We have received some fantastic feedback from several of our staff members about Anton’s message and hope his words stay fresh in their minds for time to come

Andrew Woodward, Electrical Service Manager - Cement Australia

Alan’s story was a great example of how many people a workplace accident can impact. Alan’s delivery had the entire workforce engaged for the entire presentation.

Sarah Barber, Health, Safety, & Training Compliance Coordinator - CSA Mine Glencore Cobar

Rohan was great to work with and he easily engaged the audience and held their attention for the duration of his presentation. I can imagine Rohan will only improve with the more presentations he delivers and the various types of audiences he experiences. I liked Rohan’s focus of family and how such an incident impacts not only you, but your loved ones, as this is something that hits home to everyone.

It was a great presentation and Rohan is a lovely, genuine person who was very relatable to the audience (mostly men, fathers).  He is very approachable and was willing to stay back and chat to several of the attendees. We would happily recommend Rohan and welcome him back to present for the CSA Mine.

Bryce Steel, Safety Officer - City West Water

James’ story helped give our employees perspective on how they can better manage their own individual safety whilst at work, rest and play. His story was touching and engaging and acts as further reinforcement that overall safety is everyone’s responsibility.


Anthony Kanaan, APAC Regional HSE Manager - James Hardie

James attended all of our manufacturing, and sales and support sites in ANZ and was immediately able to make a strong connection with our all of our workforce.  His story was powerful, captivating, funny, and had a visible impact on our teams – it was obvious that the message was causing huge amounts of self-reflection which was exactly what we were looking for.

Less expected was the effect that we are seeing several weeks later as our business is seeing a marked increase in voluntary safety programs participation.  We also continue to hear some of the content of his talks being used as trigger points for “safety conversations” both on our shop floor and in our corporate offices.

I can personally recommend James as an engaging, challenging speaker able to connect and provide the catalyst for change in any workplace.

Madeline Jetson, Defence Science and Technology Group - Scottsdale, TAS

I found the sadness, pain and guilt (for his family) quite overwhelming and confronting and Rohan’s story of recovery and strength of character is something that will stay with me fora  very long time.

Josh Williamson, Field Service Officer Broadford at DELWP Hume

James’ presentation choices was informative and highly relatable.  James put his experiences into a context which even the most seasoned operator can relate to.  Engaging in the individual to think about their own choices and what they could afford to do differently and how they can improve on the choices they make in their professional and personal lives

Joe Falvo, OHS Coordinator at Hume City Council

James told us his very personal experience as a story.  It was a bit like watching a movie.  Movies based on true life are far more real and send a stronger, more relatable message.  And the message for us was very much that workplace injuries are serious, and the consequences don’t just affect your job and employer.  They affect your whole life, and the lives of your family and friends.  There are some things Workers Compensation can never fix.  Ultimately we have to recognise that apart from the organisation’s systems and processes, we do have a say in our own safety through the choices we are able to make at work. James’s messages made this very clear.

Emma Shepherd, HSE Manager - Boral Bricks West

 We have had James visit in the past and were very excited to have him back on site. James’ story fits very well with our behavioural safety focus and importance of individual choices in personal safety.

There were some workers who thought they would get the same message, however they really enjoyed hearing this updated version which included our message.

Overall this was a wonderful series of sessions, with excellent communication from James and his team, making a positive, meaningful impact on many of our workers.

Steve Azzopardi, Maintenance Manager / Safety Hoshin Leader Toyota Australia

James’ honesty and willingness to respond to any type of question shows how genuine he is and his goal to help others make the rights choices in the workplace. Sitting through several sessions, I really appreciated how James adapted to the needs and concerns in my workplace and incorporated them into the next sessions. E.g. PPE.

Shane King, Principal Health, Safety & Environment Advisor Broadspecturm New Zealand

James was such a pleasure to present alongside, his story allowed our teams to connect with safety in a complete different format, the visual and heart felt message is such a powerful way to share the true reflection of a work place injury, and this is what safety is all about.

James ability to engage with the workforce is seriously the key to the power of a message.

And he’s not such a bad Aussie.

I would work alongside this great man any day.  Kia Kaha James !

Peter Riley, Amcor Flexibles Nunawading

Alan addressed our team over 3 shifts, day, afternoon and night. His message was clear and relevant to our site. When speaking the room was silent and people listened – couldn’t ask for a lot more.

Mark Parsons, Managing Director - BC Sands

Alan spoke to our drivers and yard staff approximately 40 people. You could have heard a pin drop as our team were engrossed in what Alan has to say.

Chris Chandler, Amcor Flexibles Acacia Ridge

Alan has a powerful story to tell and he does it in an open, honest and at times humorous way that keeps everyone focused on what he is saying from start to finish.

Robyn Phillips, Gwydir Shire Council

 James was a guest presenter at a recent Gwydir Shire Council ‘All staff day’.  The focus of the day was safety in the workplace and James’ presentation gave a powerful message.  Seeing James in a wheelchair and hearing his story will remain with people much more than just having someone speak about workplace safety.  The visual and the message are indelible.  We would certainly recommend James as a guest presenter at similar workplace meetings.  Dealing with C&B Safe was painless and they were most accommodating and flexible with our change of plans throughout the process.

Mark Fee, Safety Team Leader at Rob Carr Pty Ltd

The time spent with Michelle provided an insight into how those left behind are affected and the coping mechanisms used to get by day to day. The presentation was very engaging and highlighted the importance of checking and understanding your surroundings.

Bill Reid, Promco Utilities

The story of James Wood life after his accident is one that will certainly have the attendees thinking about what making choices actually means and what the impacts can be on the rest of your life should you make the wrong choice. Our Company would highly recommend James, especially for those work groups in “high Risk” jobs across a variety of industries.

George Garonidis, National Manager – Safety, Workers Compensation & Health Services Human Resources - Toyota

Emotional, engaging, enjoyable. Safety from a different perspective.

Have never seen our employees so engaged and listening to every word that James spoke.

If it prevents 1 injury or makes people think about their actions / choices, then worth every cent. Relevant to all type of employees, whether working in production or based in an office, we all make choices in our lives.

Thank you James, look forward to having you out again.

Anthony Woodhead, OHS Officer - Horsham Rural City Council

I can highly recommend James to visit your work site and do a presentation, his manner is first class and his hidden messages are coming through all the time.

I have worked with James before and nothing is a problem for him his last presentation we had 62 of our staff attend and to see these people sit there and listen to his message was quite a sight to see.


Alicia Schulz, Senior HR Advisor - Organisational Development at Hume City Council

James was a fantastic speaker and very generously and frankly shared his story and experience of life following his injury with our staff.  James engaged with and was very relatable to his audience and held their attention for over an hour.

Thanks James, we hope to welcome you back to our workplace in the near future.

Chloe Constable, RAAF Base Edinburgh

Michelle’s presentation was a fantastic way to get people thinking about theirs and other peoples safety within the workplace, sometimes a personal touch can be more effective than being drilled with policy. It is equally important to know and understand WHS policy but by using alternate techniques to get important messages across you can gain a more successful response from a group. The presentation showed even the smallest error in a dangerous environment can be fatal and the effects snowball well past the actual event which hits hard for even the strongest of people. This presentation had me thinking about how I go about my business in high danger environments such as the warehouse, for example it is easy to become complacent and think people using MHE etc will watch out for you but everyone needs to be vigilant in such situations. As for Michelle she was well presented, clearly spoken with a powerful message it is a credit to her to be able to get up there and talk about the incident so candidly to a group of strangers.

Stuart Cross, Occupational Health & Safety Unit Manager - Yarra City Council

We had James share his story at Richmond Town Hall and also at our Collingwood Depot and even though they were two very different audiences, everyone who attended was blown away and genuinely moved by James’ session.  James is a down to earth open and honest person and shares valuable insights into how his injury effected not only his life but those around him.  He gives people so much to think about and really hits home how important it is to make the right choices and remain safe while at work and during life generally.  I would definitely recommend James’ session to any workplace.

Lisa Marsden, HST Coordinator - Murphy Pipe & Civil

Michelle was very courageous to stand in front of a large group and speak about the loss of her son Alex.  Her speech is very touching as she allows you into her life and speaks about how her family and Alex’s friends have had to come to terms with their loss.  I think everyone in the room would have left with some insight into the consequences of losing someone and the ever lasting effect it has on everyone.  The comments we received from people included, being more vigilant in the workplace, never assuming or taking anything for granted and the choices you make can have a huge impact.

Michelle reiterated the importance of following workplace procedures and having the right attitude towards safety to ensure you help create a safer place to work.

The inclusion of the statistics on workplace incidents in Australia was alarming and heart breaking.  Michelle hit home that there was a life behind each of those statistics, someone’s father, brother, sister etc.

As Michelle said if her story can change one person’s way of thinking it makes her journey worthwhile.  From the feedback we received from our employees her story definitely made an impact.

Michael Mead, Superintendent of Sustainable Development - Goldfields Agnew Gold Mine

James’ message on choices fit in well with our recently introduced safe behaviours program. His story highlighted the importance of making the right decision in the workplace and that safety is the responsibility of the individual.

Tony Hinkley, Regis Resources

James is a very positive and somewhat animated person who presented a well thought out natural speech about his incident. One key theme was people taking responsibility for their own safety and not blaming others is a very strong and relevant message in these times. Thank you.

Nathan Ridley, OHS Coordinator – Goldfields Granny Smith Mine

I couldn’t recommend James highly enough. Miners can be hard to reach but with James telling his story in his easy going manner the workforce was able to relate really easily and the simple yet strong message was able to get through.

Big thanks to both James and Vanessa for helping us out. Keep up the good work guys. We may never be able to prove it but you guys are saving lives in an industry that takes too many fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers from their families

Pat Goldie, ManagerM,E&I Services - Downer Group

Alan’s presentation kept everyone enthralled and put a different perspective on safety for everyone who attended. I would recommend Alan to any business to show the reality behind an incident & the impact that an incident has on not only the injured person, but their family friends & work colleagues.

Tony McGann, Manager Infrastructure Services - Yarra Ranges Council

James Wood spoke to 90 of our outdoor operations staff about his story. He spoke about the choices he made on the day of his accident and the fact that he pays for those choices every day. His message got through to our people and you could have heard a pin drop when he was speaking. I thank him for having the courage to share his story.

Alan Brown, Regis Resources - Garden Well

If you need to get some punch and reality into the safety message then James is the one to deliver. He takes you back to the day he made choices that have affected the rest of his life and brings that simple message to all in his presentation. He makes safety personal.

Andrew Kozlowski, Manager – Sustainable Development Gold Fields St Ives

I highly recommend engaging James Wood to help improve your businesses safety performance and culture. James sends a clear safety message that your ‘choices’ will keep you safe at work and to take the time to understand your risks before starting a job. He personalises his message by sharing his story after a mining safety accident that is well accepted by the workforce. The safety discussions facilitated by these presentations has been excellent for our business and feedback from the workforce has been overwhelmingly positive.

Brian Eddy, Safety Leader & Workforce Development Manager - Sealed Air

I have heard James a couple of times and his message never leaves you.
We all take silly risks that at the time may not effect us.
Bad habits get bred through this and James reminds us that he is a physical example of the wrong choice.
Think clearly about what you are doing

Trevor Roesler, HSE & Training Superintendent - Ensign Energy

Alan’s story made me realise how important it is to work safely, not only for your own wellbeing but for those around us and in particular your family. His story also emphasises the need to be strong and confident when raising safety issues at work and not just accept that this has always been like it or the way we have always done it.

Darryl James, Learning & Development Supervisor - Oz Minerals

‘A Day with James’ causes one to reflect deeply on the implications of our safety related behaviours and the possible consequences for making just one error or omission.

John Kirkwood, Underground Manager WA - Boart Longyear Drilling

James took time to research our business then sit in on our conference so he could better understand his audience. He was able to address the team at their level, keep them interested, gain input from the crowd and encourage questions at the end and afterward before leaving. Great story / great man.

Peter Lyons, Chief Operating Officer – Construction - The BMD Group

James provided a powerful, real, down to earth message that was invaluable in giving all of us a real message to take on board

Chris Reid, OHS Coordinator - Bradken Runcorn

James has a casual low key chat to a room full of people, about life for him following a workplace accident. As the session progresses you start to realise what a huge impact this sort of accident can have on you, your family, friends, work colleagues etc. People start to think about the shortcuts they do every day and think that if it happened to James, something bad could happen to me. The session has a profound effect on those who listen to James with most people talking about it at home as I did. Because the feedback was so positive, the boss considered the sessions, great value for money.

Rick Walker, General Manager Health & Safety - Verve Energy

James is able to relate to all levels of the workforce through his personal experiences and journey through life. I have engaged James on a number of occasions to speak to the workforce and each occasion the feedback is extremely positive. It serves as a real eye opener on the impact that accidents can have on peoples life’s and how quickly and easily things can go wrong if we fail to think about what we are doing.

Michael Cassidy, National HSEQ Systems Manager - Ausco Modular Pty Limited

James story is a powerful tool in engaging workers to think about their daily activities and the ‘choices’ they make, which may have an impact on their lives moving forward. It’s an engaging and interactive session that makes participants think.

Andrew Buckley, Acting Project Manager - Leighton Mining

James’ clear honest account of his incident, and the impact it has had on his life, his family and friends, his workmates is compelling listening from start to finish

Ron Donges, Manufacturing Manager - Bradken Innisfail

Simply, Keep doing what you are doing!!! After experiencing a very serious industrial accident myself, I can relate so clearly to your message. What I could not do, is conduct the sessions that you can do, and for that, I thank you for your courage to share and your commitment to drive change

Marc McLaren – Director, The WorkWise Group

“I recently had the opportunity to work with James on a joint safety project, where he presented to two large groups of coalminers. James communicated a compelling and challenging safety message about taking responsibility for the choices we make regarding safety. The groups were captivated by his personal story, and the down to earth way in which he spoke. James skillfully communicated the importance of taking care of both the everyday aspects of how we work, and how to be mindful in managing the larger risks at work. People were moved by James’ presentation and in the weeks after people were still talking about his message and their need to take it seriously. It was a delight to work with James and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Debbie Loveridge, Chief Executive Officer - Vedior Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

“James had the audience captivated as he described his accident and then the impact it had on those closest to him afterwards. He made us all realise that sometimes decisions we make have disastrous consequences, but in turn that the human spirit somehow manages to shine through. James took us through what was lacking, how relationships changed and why we must have the safety of our employees as the highest priority. A presentation from the heart and a timely reminder to all that accidents in the workplace could happen to anyone and affect everyone”.

Michael Craner, Boral Ltd - General Manager Learning & Organisational Development

“James Wood is a vital part of Boral’s safety leadership journey. James’s unique approach touches people at all levels of our organization and he has made a real difference to Boral’s people for over 5 years. His ‘down to earth’ approach brings reality to a powerful story.”

Richard Cass, ONESTEEL - Steel Products HS&E Business Partner

“Last week was tremendous and I am sure that all those that attended one of your sessions will have taken something away from it and talked about it with other workmates and hopefully a family member when they got home. Thanks so much for what you gave us and we will surely have you back with us in the not to distant future.”